Himachal State Meet on “Promoting Space Technology based Tools and Applications in Governance & Development” (23 rd September 2016)

Invitation Card
Department wise Presentations of the Meeting on dated 15-09-2016

Final Agenda ISRO meet

In recent times India has made significant progress in Space technology development and applications that have contributed significantly in various fields such as communication, remote sensing, natural resource management, disaster management, tele-medicine and tele-education to name a few. In order to take the benefit of ever advancing space and allied technologies to the common man at the grass-root level, the Hon’ble Prime Minister had initiated a gigantic year long exercise of exploring the opportunities and prospects of applying space and allied technology in national development which culminated in a national meet entitled “Promoting Space Technology Based Tools and Applications in Governance & Development”organised by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Department of Space at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on September 7, 2015, wherein almost all secretaries of Govt. of India and nine Chief Secretaries presented plan of action to implement space technology for national development in various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, mining, infrastructure development, disaster management, environmental monitoring etc.In the same meet, an action was emerged to organize a similar Meets at state level. Therefore, it is envisaged by HPRSC and ISRO team to jointly organize a one day state meet at H.P. Secretariat, Shimla. This state meet is intended to provide an opportunity for interaction amongst state Departments/Directorates/Boards towards enhanced utilization of the space technology in governance and development.

The basic objectives of this meet are to:

• To harness the benefits of Space Technology in planning and development process, preserving eco-system, better managing and conserving state’s natural resources.
• Work together to enhance the efficacy of state missions/schemes targeted towards Food and Water Security, infrastructure building in rural and urban areas, health, education and livelihood etc.
• Enhance space technology absorption leading to institutionalization and internalization within Departments.
• Facilitate various departments by building state level geospatial data repository and delivering specific applications.
• Improve disaster management support through synergy of Remote Sensing, Communication and Navigation based solutions.
• Promote Space Applications in the academia and research institutions to generate newer ideas for addressing future challenges.

Major outcomes expected of this meet are:
• Awareness on use of Space Technology and applications in governance & developments
• Identification of areas where IIRS can provide capacity building and training
• To increase effectiveness and facilitate betterdecision-making
• Identification of thrust areas for collaborative research among the state Departments/agencies.

Nodal Officers:
Dr. Rajender Thapa,
Principal Scientific Officer
Email: rajenderthapa[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

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